Find great ways to sharpen your sea life knowledge and skills! We have tasks ranging from Arts and Crafts to word searches to build on your knowledge of sea creatures and marine life!

These worksheets are provided in PDF format.  These can be printed for use by the students.


Activity Worksheets

 Activity Create Loggerhead TurtleActivity Crossword UK Marine Life Activity Draw Under The SeaActivity Maze Dolphin RescueActivity Ocean Awareness Challenge 2020Activity Scavanger Hunt PlasticsActivity Web Find MY Bob Barker ShipsActivity Web Find Shutting Down PoachersActivity Wordsearch Sea Shepherd FleetActivity Wordsearch UK Marine Life


Colouring Sheets

 Colouring Antarctic summerColouring DugongColouring Ghost Net CampaignColouring Humpback WhaleColouring NN Bob BarkerColouring NN Brigitte BardotColouring NN Farley MowatColouring NN Martin SheenColouring NN Ocean WarriorColouring NN Sam SimonColouring Pilot WhalesColouring Reef LifeColouring Right WhaleColouring Small Boats RHIBSColouring TurtlesColouring Whale DolphinSeals