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About Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd
Neptune's Navy - Protecting our Oceans since 1977
Sea Shepherd - For The Ocean


Sea Shepherd Fleet

Meet the Fleet - Bob Barker
Meet the Fleet - Sam Simon
Meet the Fleet - Sharpie
Meet the Fleet - White Holly
Meet the Fleet - Martin Sheen
360° Tour of the M/Y Bob Barker
Ocean Warrior: Welcome Aboard the Maiden Voyage


Animal Videos

The Critical Role of Sharks
How Do You Feel About Sharks?
Never before seen drone footage of Cuvier's Beaked Whales
Our Fight for the Dolphins
Risso's Dolphins - Wild and Free!
Humpback Calf plays with Dolphins in Revillagigedo Islands
Sea Shepherd Wildlife Ep 1 - False Killer Whales
Sea Shepherd Wildlife Ep 3 Blue Whales
Sea Shepherd Wildlife Ep. 04 - Orcas
Sea Shepherd Wildlife - Ep 05 - Fin Whales
Risso's Dolphins - Wild and Free!


Other Videos

Five Years Ago Today: A Poaching Vessel Goes Down
Time to Choose
Every Day is World Oceans Day
Marine Debris Campaign: Beach Clean Up
Sea Shepherd Did to a Swimming Pool What Humans Do to the Oceans.